Its a sad day

Bro. I got off work and fell asleep before i could put my order in.

Swing and a miss! Lol
Oh well ill catch the next one


  • @Zackarrry missed it too! couple crazy days of family sickness had us all out of whack. Guess we opted for the 80% savings 🤪

  • Me too.😕 I remember when the code stayed up for most of the holidays.😎🧐

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    Hate I missed the sale but glad I waited. Looking forward to trying some of new Merlin’s Ultra Prems. Ordered some Blue Cookies with a split of either Fire as F*** or Lemon Cherry which I’ve had before and really liked. Also grabbed some Jifflez pre rolls. Hopefully I’ll get before the new year 😎

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    A nice new selection indeed @superman38NC. Lemon Cherry Gelato is one of my local favorites…it’s hard hitting! First day of break…I ran out to a dispensary this morning and picked up some Raspberry Parfait, a Willie’s Reserve branded Sativa. It is delicious, powerful, and long lasting.🫠😎🧐

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    If it's any condolence just looked and still waiting on order from couple days prior to sale along with 2 from sale. Was all moving good and then went Mia no updates in days besides in transit. Keep hoping for touch down without notice but haven't had one do that in forever they been saying out to touch down but seems to left origin and swallowed up in void

  • I’ve got one stuck in the north west loop. How do these postal people make any money sending stuff all over the place?

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    Very nice selection! @TheProfessor big fan of anything Gelato. Remember Tripple Scoop? Raspberry parfait sounds delicious too 🙂. Congrats on some time off..well deserved! We’ve been in FL on vacation heading back this weekend.

    @Vapedad78 @leaf 🙏 things show up. This time of year with USPS is tough. I’m hoping to see what I ordered before the 1st. If not it is what it is. Medman always comes through even when post office jacks it up.

  • Hoping everyone’s packages either pop up on the radar or touchdown soon. I hate ordering during the holidays.😕

    Oh yeah…I do remember @superman38NC. Some good stuff! You’ve got a dream order coming. Never tried FaF but anything Gelato 🙌! The Blue Cookies looks like another winner! I’m looking forward to your reviews my friend.😎🧐

  • Oh yeah it'll definitely come thru they always do. Been thru few rodeos here just tried to stay on top of it better this year but didn't help much lol but yes definitely hoping everyone sees theirs come in hopefully before holidays but yeah seems pony express on one this year lol

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    I’ll definitely let you know! @TheProfessor The FaF looks very frosty..the BC is highly rated from Leafly & Allbud. Can’t go wrong breeding GSC and Blueberry.

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