Magic Beans?

Considering the recent new category addition to the ordering website, was wondering if MM and any of the suppliers would consider offering seeds and DIY supplies as another store addon?

I realize it’s sorta counter intuitive to the purpose of the business 😄 But so many seed scammers out there nowadays and the per m-bean pricing is pretty out of control. I used to hang online with OG breeders back 15-20 years ago (Gypsy, Ghost, Subcool, dMan were a few) and have a worthy collection of well-stored mostly photo strains but most of the beans are pretty fkn old and I am no longer “connected.” Thx.


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    @funkynugz I used to have some really good seeds back in the day. I created few crosses from TGA’s Plushberry and Greenhouse seeds Super Lemon Haze. RIP Subcool and Franco 😢I have a decent selection now but those genetics were solid. Just waiting on my state to get its act together.

  • @superman38NC sadly many of the OG breeders have kicked it. Cuz, well they were old and many had med issues. The newest stock I have at this point is from a good friend who sent me a mixed bag of photo regs before cancer took her a couple years ago. I’m crossing my fingers on some of those old school beans being alive still.

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    Dang brother I hate to hear about your friend. Cancer sucks. Maybe some of those beans will pop in her honor and produce some serious fire. Your right..too many are passing the torch. I suppose one day I hope to pass on my collection and knowledge as well.

  • I'll look into it

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