Merlin Mint Flavir microdose mushroom gummies

Are disgusting. Every other flavor is delicious but WTF. Like I'm being punished


  • And every gummy it touches is tainted too.

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    My wife wanted me to complain and return them all. That's how bad it is for us. I'm going to attempt to tough it out but this is on pair with the hair in the Frankenstein strain bad.

    It's like eating binacca and black licorice

  • On par with the Frank incident?…that’s really bad @MikeyC! So sorry.🤢 I couldn’t do it.

  • I think i missed the Frankenstein incident lol what happened? @TheProfessor @MikeyC

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    @Zackarrry I guess it was about three years ago, there was a batch of Frankenstein that several customers purchased that came with some bonus hairs.🤢🤣 I don't remember which shipper it was and it wasn't everybody that got so lucky. I believe that the consensus was animal hair. Yeah, would not be a fan of hair...or worse yet, my medicine. Bad. 😎🧐

  • I will say my breath stank and I ate one today and it was refreshing for all.

  • I missed out on Frankenstein hair lol don't know how don't remember reading bout that

  • Okay, we will never again have mint. Special request to manufacturer just for you. @MikeyC

  • They're a lovely product. Thanks for your kindness and understanding. I am learning.

  • They are absolutely disgusting lol I’d rather suck on a cap than eat them but only a small inconvenience for some great medicine!

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