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Received my Loud Order from Thanksgiving and mostly happy. I placed my order as soon as the code was released for premium Space Queen, with a second choice of Lodi Dodi, but received Cinderella 99 instead. I'm sure it's good (haven't tried it yet), but slightly bummed because the Space Queen looked fire and so did the Lodi. Maybe they thought I'd like it better or maybe a legit mix up. I know there were lots of orders so I'm still grateful. I did receive the Jager I requested and it's amazing! Will probably post a separate review.


  • I have the Cinderella 99 also, curious on your thoughts?. That's a shame on the space queen I almost ordered it glad I didn't now seeing as you didn't get it.

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    Tried the Cinderella 99 and it's nice..definitely looking forward to a sat morning with it..smells similar to the Kandy Kush I ordered last month, but not as strong and a little more fruity. The best thing I bought was hands down the Star Killer shatter..best high I've had in a while..minus the munchies :-)..now lets see if it gives a good nights sleep like it's supposed too

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    I did a review on Cinderella 99. Let me know if you experience it the same as I did.


  • Thanks Justaguy! Nice review..I'm going to put her to the test later today! I had some the other night but in combination with other strains..I like to start clean with a strain to get the full picture.

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    Superman, curious on your thoughts after a few days on the Cinderella 99. For me it just doesn't do much of anything ? I seem to smoke more of It then other trees and it just doesn't feel like it gives me that good of a buzz , and what I do get is very light buzz. I don't know could be mean?. So I'm real curious for your opinion. thanks

    Justaguy, Nice review but I doubt it's the same batch , It may not even be from the same grower? Your's sounds like it was awesome mine not so much and Cinderella 99 is one of my favorite strains so who knows?

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    Flapples I agree with what your saying..I'm not to keen on the high of this strain either..super leafy too..definitely disappointed I paid for premium and received this instead..hesitant to order flower from Loud now..shatter is amazing I will say that

  • I suggest that you write to me through the contact form with your quality feedback. No promises, but Loud might want to send you something.

  • Thx MB! I sent a message through the form.

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    Feedback sent. Thanks

  • I got ya both.

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