Hash and/or Hash oil

Don’t see any available on your site. Do you have any available? Found galactic blasters to be excellent , but if I had some hash oil I could upgrade my own buds. Really happy with your site overall.


  • There are lots of choices on the menu. Hash isn’t something that shows up often though.
    The dry powder on the blasters is intriguing.

  • Somehow I lucked out and got a full ounce of the ultra premium blasters before the price tripled. I honestly think they made a mistake when they first appeared in November ( $290/oz). Now triple that price. Anyway they were the best cross between hash and flower I’ve found! You could see the BHO bubbling when smoked in a pipe

  • Yes hash oil is something we only get once in a while. Doesn't seem to be much available.

  • Got some Bubble hash back during summer, but haven't seen anything since. Also, got some compressed kief but was not impressed with flavor and it had no stickiness. Basically had to shave off chunks and add to flower.

  • We have bubble hash coming in shortly

  • the bubble hash you offer is really good ! it's kind of fluffy and loose not a pressed chunk. it is easy to use a knife a get a bit to sprinkle on a packed bowl or by itself. the only think i didn't like was the lid on the jar is hard to get off. thanks i'll be getting more

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