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High friends!! 👋 I recently restocked a bunch of edibles but saw the torch vapes were new from Merlin and thought I’d give them a shot. I only bought 2. But 1 of the 2 seems to work 100000000000x better than the other. Anyone else has any issues? I mean, super hard to hit, tastes burnt (like it’s on its last leg, ya know) won’t hold a charge at all. Maybe lasts an hour before turning to the lovely tastiness of a dead vape battery. Ick! Also the button on that one sticks, and sits lower into the vape, while the other one seems to be pushed up higher and just a dream compared! I opened both to make sure the brand wasn’t just a dud brand. @medboy has already talked with me! I just wondered if anyone else had any issues like this!


  • I've had that with other brands where one or 2 would work fine and another of same brand barely worked or died quick but haven't tried one with the heat up button

  • @Southernbellesmoker I had the same experience with mine, got 3 of them. 2 of which are the same, and one of which taste like the very end off a bowl, burnt, and hits like sucking a golf ball through a garden hose.. it's possible, but takes way more effort than I am willing to give lol. I know the guys have nothing to do with the products function so I have just chalked it up to getting a bad batch, like anything in life for that matter.

  • @Hideurself sucking a golf ball through a garden hose 💀 0/10 do not recommend

  • @Vapedad78 that button gets stuck like a video game controller. That might be why it tastes and smells burnt half the time, when it does actually hit.

  • Yeah I could see that and concur with the garden hose you end up getting way bigger hit than planned by time that golf ball smacks you in the face as well🤣 @Southernbellesmoker

  • @Vapedad78 😂 well in today’s news, the one that was working has now stopped charging altogether. So I can’t in good faith recommend these vapes, zero stars.

  • I was an Ecig vaper for over 12 years so I have a lot of experience using batteries with 510 connections. I've since quit vaping, eCig's, and nicotine, but occasionally vape my butterscotch juice. FYI quitting nicotine increased my use of the word fuck by 1000%. In my opinion don't buy disposable instead get yourself 510 battery. Buy the carts, because I have no doubt those torch disposables are nothing but garbage. You're not saving any money.

  • I don’t normally buy vapes. It’s rare. However, in an attempt to change things I ordered two 3 gram disposables a few weeks ago and left them on the low setting. I was surprised that they worked well and a decent high.

  • @leaf which brand did you purchase? I didn’t see a 3g one! The torch is 2g and doesn’t have different settings. Just a preheat feature.

  • @antfuzz i hear you loud and clear! I usually do try to stick with the carts! They are typically a lot more potent and have less technical problems, that’s for sure! The convenience is the temptation for me usually. If I have a vacation or something, taking a 2g disposable is more handy than toting a battery (and usually an extra one too because I’m anxious like that 😆) and a couple glass carts. @medboy said they would send help (ie a replacement) @MerlinsMagic doesn’t sell anything subpar, in my general opinion, this was my first time tossing it to the side because the frustration isn’t worth it! I’m supposed to be chillin out, not stressing out! Ya know 😁

  • Any standard 510 battery used for vaping will last you days maybe weeks unless you're hitting the cart as if you were smoking a cigarette. Even then, it will stay charged for two days. But I understand convenience can be a priority.

  • @Southernbellesmoker they were Cake 3-gram neon something, raspberry, watermelon. Merlins ans went pretty fast because of the price. Pricing was lower than the 2 grams you $5 as I recall.

  • @Southernbellesmoker I can’t type anymore

  • There as a mistake on the pricing for the 3g... please pay me.

    Just kidding.

    Also, bummy on those torches... they can be hard to start in the cold weather and if you don't hold the button down properly an burn it out. Anyway, I'm going to discontinue the torches and only go with the sure and easy type of carts.

  • @antfuzz I agree the the battery and cart route is the best. Also convenience and cool is a factor. I freakin loved those purple 3g carts.

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