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Ordered me some strawberry cough. But, happy trees just doesn’t move too fast. In the meantime, the strawberry cough has been removed. @HappyTrees i hope I don’t get subbed again.


  • @leaf i was thinking the same thing! Ordered a 4 way split on the 15th (so far label only), but now 3 out of the 4 strains I selected are off the menu 😳.

  • I'm also having huge issues with them and won't be ordering from them anymore. 5 days and just a label? You guys are slipping so bad people are using Loud and CO.

  • Hmm 🤔, it usually takes 9 days when I order from Loud which is why I lean toward MM and HT. Not sure what I’ll end up with from my recent HT order but here’s to hoping it’ll be good and soon 😁👍🤞. Looking forward to some variety in my weed diet. Tolerance is real.

  • Just for information purposes I know Happy ships 3 times a week (mon wed & friday). No shippers are sitting on orders for long periods. You can blame USPS for not creating labels, delays etc. Postal service in general has really gone downhill the last few years. I now Amazon is amazing and delivers in 2 days but they have round-the-clock staff, a state of the art system and preference with USPS/UPS. If you happen to order on a friday for most shippers there's an automatic 3 day delay until it ships because they take the weekends off.

  • I respectfully disagree. I’ve had a label with happy trees for about 6 days. Three days ago I ordered from Merlin. That order is in route.
    Not likely to buy from HT again especially if I get subbed. Because my choice was still listed for several days after ordered. Who knows what I’ll get?
    There’s more to this than the usps

  • Once it goes into the mailbox HT or any other shipper has no more control over it. Sometimes things arrive very fast and sometimes not so much. I just spoke with them today and they assured me they are sending every order out within 48 hours. Believe me they know their reputation is on the line. They have plenty of motivation to get their packages out fast.

  • Ok. I shouldn’t post this early in the morning before my coffee

  • @leaf 😂. Enjoying a cup of coffee right now. Also, I now see movement on my HT order. Supposed to deliver Friday 🤞.

  • Everyone who ordered Strawberry Cough on Monday or before should get what they ordered, if I recall correctly. We did sub a few orders after but it was only about two or three. If we could fill everyone's orders we would but unfortunately if we're out of the strain we're out. As far as delays for orders, I know for sure that all of your orders are in the postal system and we've shipped them out days ago. I hope they get to you guys soon!

  • @leaf if you ordered Cough and it was up for a few days after then you'll get Cough.
    @Jaybird922 I remember doing your order and I know you got Cough as well.

    I just checked all our tracking for the past few week and a half and it looks like everything is moving/got delivered. Like I said we shipped those out a while ago but once it's in the system it's in the system and we can't do anything to make it arrive faster :/

  • Right on HT! I appreciate you chiming in. Looking forward to delivery 📦.

  • @happytrees thank you for letting me know. I appreciate that. Also, my order has moved along nicely and will be delivered today. Not sure how you guys are able to deal with anxious people like me.

  • I think this is one of the reasons they don’t sell addictive substances, people would really be freaking out even more than they already do 😂

  • @Johnnyblue42 imagine waiting for three days by the mailbox for something that kills you. Not good.

  • I'm sure they're are fuckers getting ships of fenty in from dark web but thankfully some out here promoting healing medicine vs that shit and big pharma agenda

  • Probably should said exponentially healthier possibly more effective alternatives

  • It was a joke guys lol I was talking about how y’all are freaking out over waiting a few extra days for weed. Imagine if it we’re physically addictive drugs. This forum would be crazy

  • I understood. But an unplanned tolerance break can make a pothead feel like a junkie. Kinda like… I’d mug a girlscout if I thought she had a joint. That feeling. Lol

  • I took it as such was just saying because for some it is used as daily medicine in place of what pharmaceutical prescribed . It's a forum and we're just having conversation

  • For sure I just wanted to clarify so it wasn’t taken the wrong way. You guys are all cool and I didn’t want it to come across wrong! Carry on lol

  • @happytrees thank you for the dead sticker. I’m a Jerry fan.

  • @HappyTrees Thank you so much for the fast shipping! I really appreciate it!

  • edited February 27

    Just got my order and I'm kind of disappointed. Got 8g of the mixed salad and it came all melted and soaked into the wax paper 😢 the stuff I was left with was flavorless. @HappyTrees

  • @HappyTrees it says 15% off for outdoor. However, normal outdoor prices are $180 oz for all shippers. Loud and Merlin are $180 oz. @HappyTrees it is listed as $193.50 which is increase. Not sure what happened. It's just typed wrong numbers. Surprised nobody else said anything. Maybe I'm missing something.

  • @Weedyy the couple of times I ordered concentrates from HT they were always shipped in containers. I am surprised they would put 8g's in only wax paper. They will make it right. I am looking at their new concentrates now. Has anyone had a chance yet to review them?

  • @friendsofbillw I'm usually not one to complain but i was just expecting a better product. I have been with medman since 2016 and rarely ever had issues or when they did they always made it work. Hope they do make it right because the stuff I have is not going to work for what I had planned 😏 @HappyTrees is there anything that can be done?

  • @Lou_lew. my error there. price fixed!

  • @Weedyy lets see what happy has to say...

  • @Weedyy We can certainly do something about that. We upgraded our packaging. Everyone who orders dabs gets them in a silicone container. Contact Medboy and we'll get you sorted out.

  • Well I definitely appreciate it @HappyTrees. I just sent medboy an email 👍 you guys are awesome.

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