Cash app

Anybody else having problems sending money through cash app? I usually take a picture of the bar code provided by merman and it send to cash app. Not working.


  • Medman

  • I had problems with cash app this morning. But looks to be back online now. Will find out shortly on next order, lol.

  • Ok. Thanks. I cleared my browser but still nothing. I’ll try in the morning.

  • I think it might have something to do with our system spitting out 10 decimal places instead of 8. We're going to fix it, but for now if you just send it manually to the 8 decimal places you should be fine.

  • @medboy I think you’re correct because entering manually doesn’t allow for all 10 digits either. I’m reluctant to round the number but I can. Thanks for confirming this.

  • Actually bitcoin only goes to 8 decimal places. Just our server doing math. We're fixing it.

  • @medboy works fine. Ty

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