Alternative to Coinbase?

Hi everyone! I haven't placed an order in quite some time (long story). I tried placing an order yesterday, and apparently Coinbase has a new policy in which they hold deposits for a week. Can anyone offer an alternative so I don't have to wait a week to order?


  • Cashapp.. fast easy and you can make deposits with cash at your local convenience stores etc. or transfer from bank account/debit card and buy/hold/transfer btc all in one spot. Go to for an all in on solution without crazy fees like btc atms or other options out there. Have zero issues with it and been using it for years.

  • Yep. I converted from coin base to cash app. Much easier for me.

  • Thanks

  • I’ll put a third vote in for cash app. Easy and fees are reasonable. Tip. When you send you BTC, don’t pay for the faster delivery or whatever they advertise. I always do the free version and I get my confirmation emails in the same amount of time I would with the “expedited delivery”.

  • I had to verify thru PayPal earlier that I was buying on crypto app earlier but might been cause was snagging and alt coins

  • I use Coinme they usually have kiosks in Kroger or CVS just have to search for them it’s much better than coinbase.. they kicked me off of coinbase for whos know why

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    I use mycelium wallet. I stopped using Bitcoin because of holds, delays, and fees. Cash app never worked for me. A town close to me has a coin flip Bitcoin ATM, so I just use it to deposit the money into the wallet from the ATM. Saves on a lot of unnecessary hassle.

  • You have to watch which method you use to deposit in coinbase. A debit card deposit will be instantly available.

  • It was for me at first, but then they started holding the money or it would take longer than usual to come out of the bank. Then, they'd put a 7 day purchase hold so the Bitcoin would be there, but I couldn't spend it. I missed quite a few menu items because of it.

  • Awe that's bs silly way they do that and why I'm pushing for crypto and btc to help change things but make sure look for discount code for coin flip it's helped me save some fees and entered a contest thru them few years back won an iPhone and trezor crypto wallet which was pretty cool lol.

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