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I already posted about product descriptions, and I want to post about product pictures. I’m going to have a little rant here, first of all I want to say thanks to medicine man I have been buying from you guys for years and I appreciate what you do but I do have some issues I wanna get off my chest. I’ve mentioned product pictures before to Medboy although I don’t believe it was the current Medboy I think it was the one before him from some years ago VERY nice person by the way. Anyway when we buy off this site we’re spending a good amount of money on product and the only thing we have to go by is the product descriptions and the product pictures that’s the only way for us to make our decisions were not buying off the street where we can look at it and make a decision at that time whether we want it or not. As mentioned some time back to medboy that some of the suppliers have the exact same pictures of product for different strains? I just received an order today I’m not going to mention who it was from or what it is because I’m not trying to call anybody out! But the stuff looks like crap it looks like I could’ve went out to the Woods and picked it myself now granted it’s outdoor but I’ve been buying a lot of outdoor and none of it looked like this , it’s hasn’t been trimmed or if it was they need to find another job. It does not look anything like the picture! This is the reason for this post. If I would’ve bought this local from my friends I would’ve told them to keep it I wouldn’t of bought it. The only thing we have to go by again are accurate product descriptions and accurate pictures, I don’t think that’s too much to ask when I’m paying three or $400 and order or more. It sucks to order something with the anticipation of getting what you ordered only to find out that it’s not as described, not as pictured or not as both or which seems to be happening a lot substituted out. If you’re going to substitute something out why can’t you get a hold of the person who bought it? I know we have to write no substitution why do we have to do that?I know why because they don’t want to lose the order so they’re going to ship you anything just to keep it because maybe you would say OK I want something from another supplier then they are out an sale. Sorry for the long post but it was kind of frustrated with my order today. Thanks


  • I appreciate the feedback and we'd like it even more if you'd tell me which order this was. It will help us for quality control purposes. If you don't want to call anyone out on this public forum that's OK, but if you're willing could you contact me through the site's contact form? Thanks if so, and in any case, happy new year!

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    I sent you an email thanks

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