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First off as always big thanks to @MerlinsMagic and @medboy for supplying this amazing treat, because it truly is. Now to the goods...
The smell: upon opening the bag is wild, first you get a very strong citrus/lemon then the notes of the concentrate come through.
The nug size: **
All the nugs are about perfect single bowl size or between a dime and Nickle in diameter with some of the larger being around the diameter of a quarter.
**The texture: **
These particular moonrocks are dried to perfection. Some you are so moist it makes them very difficult to break apart. These are very dry and not an issue. The amount of kief retained on the outside is honestly impressive. Have had a lot of tries at moonrocks, have made some of my own and I can tell you these have the thickest coating of kief I have ever seen.
**The taste:

upon FIRST inhale you notice the superb flavor of the oils and kief atop the amazing strain of lemon Banana sherbert. It gives an immediate rush to the head usually requiring a second or two before your back at the bong or pipe for a followup hit.

The high:
I do like this high particularly for a good mix of bringing a super head rocking buzz that does not render you completely useless. Don't get me wrong, these are strong. However I am very motivated and happy to get some work done after consuming or laying back and munching at the TV. It's a very well rounded STRONG option that honestly kills anything in comparison for immediate head rush with mindblowing terps/flavors and a great body buzz that just tops the experience.
I hope Merlin gets some more options for moonrocks as they are the best bang for your buck with the highest flavor ratio offered in one spot while still being a favorite strain we all know and love.. Permanent Marker moonrocks would be amazing...

Here are some pics for your drooling pleasure! ! https://imgur.com/a/EZiEIx2(https://imgur.com/a/EZiEIx2)


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