If your package sat in one facility for four days

Would you be concerned


  • No, but if it sat for like 2 weeks, I would....

  • Ok. Agreed. I needed to hear that.

  • 4 days is stressful but I assume it's usually moving and just not being scanned and usually still hits in bout a week in total but occasionally bout week and half

  • Both my packages were delayed about 4 days. Last year the USPS held one package for 9 days about a mile from my house and then delivered.

  • Update - there appears to have been movement. Crisis diverted so far.

  • Averted

  • I had a similar issue with my last order. Took an extra 4 days from the initial expected delivery date Turns out USPS built a new facility in my area and it was causing the delay.

  • @djdj here too DJ. New facility. Politicians complaining,etc. I’m among many peopl in this area who have been waiting

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