LEMON🍋 CHERRY🍒 GELATO 🍧Review with pics!

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Hey fellow medfam, got a couple more strains so figured I would share what I got and my thoughts.

Merlins Lemon Cherry Gelato
Appearance: medium to small pine cone shaped nugs. Darker in color, hues of purple throughout. Covered in crystals from top to bottom. Link to pics at bottom of post.

The Smell: sad to say the smell of this strain is kinda lacking and underwhelming. The smell is not much fancy and nothing really stands out but earthy with a very slight hint of citrus if you crack a bud...but.. see taste below..

The Taste:Here is where these little gems shine... the flavor from this strain is very tasty and leaves you looking at the bag like how the.. who the... what is in my bowl.. upon first hit you get a citrus packed lemon bite with a smooth hint of pine after taste that, again I dont know where it comes from because it definitely does not smell this way!

**The High: ** Upon first hit I noted a pretty nice head high. Upon finishing the bowl I noted that a body buzz had crept in somewhere without warning me and I let the time I had allotted for a task tick by without a concern in the world. Great bud for relaxing and having a conversation with friends, just don't pick any arguments where you have to be factual, because you may not remember where the argument started midway through.

**The Cure: ** Upon arrival the Buds are a tad on the dry side, normal i find with most produced today to prevent mass storage moisture issues, however with introducing a small 58% moisture pack, they have come back to life very nicely to the point of being borderline sticky just where you want them for a nice burning smoke that doesn't dissappear the first hit.

Here are some pics in various lighting. As you can see these little purple and dark green pine cone buds are absolutely covered in beautiful trichomes.



  • Thanks for the nice review

  • Hope you don't mind me asking but how do you get the distillate to stick to the flower? I Its just ready to wannd come donwn. wanna coat some super quality indica bud ( purp urkle x Northern Lightscwouls be my dream.... At least I think.... Love most Purps, GDP, GRAPE APE, MENDO PURPS, GRAPE Stomper, made great kief just not my best flower structure. I wanna drow Grandmommy Purple???? Need to make crown little rooms for concealment. In basement, Secrets room and mine.

  • @Mr4Sher Try heating the distillate a little bit. Not too much or you'll lose potency, but it helps.

  • @Hideurself Great review, also well remoisturize a little bit on our end. Great heads up.

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