Problems with Coinbase sending bitcoin

I tried to pay for an order this morning and Coinbase keep telling me that my account balance is not enough to process the transaction (sending the funds to Medman). The order is only $280 and my balance is $350. Does anyone know what could be happening here? It's the first time I've run into this situation in 8 years or so. Thank you!!


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    @dabadabido, The fees for doing the transaction are very high right now due to network activity, that is the difference in funds. You can try to lower the speed of verification which will lower the cost of the fee, however this will change how long it takes to get the order placed technically, as the med team does not get the confirmation until the payment clears. Hope this helps!

  • Make sure you're using the correct bitcoin total sent in the confirmation letter and make sure you're going by the bitcoin amount.

  • I was having this problem and called them and they said it’s due to the Bitcoin halving and won’t work until tomorrow. I converted to LTC and resubmitted my order to pay with lite coin.

  • I am having the same problem too. I never had a problem before. Do you think MM will accept the payment tomorrow?

  • I tried resubmitting my order to pay with litecoin, but the discount code doesn't work. Is it only good for 1 order?

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    If you have created an order and can't pay because of the fees just create a new one tomorrow. I will extend the sale and it will continue until tomorrow at noon EST

  • I just recreated my order using Litecoin and was able to convert the funds in Coinbase and all went smoothly. Thank you @medboy for extending the deadline!! All ends well!!

  • And...many thanks to all the forum members here who gave me some great advice! Hope your 420 was awesome and that your orders travel to you swiftly!!

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