Merlin's Indoor Jealousy Mintz 🤯Hard hitter 🎯👊

Hey Everyone, got some of this awesome strain and wanted to share my thoughts and pics.
Merlin's Indoor Jealousy Mintz

The appearance: Nice sized nugs ranging from smaller round pieces to larger chunky pieces. All are a lighter green with darker hues spotted between. Covered from stem to tip with Trichomes! Link to pics below, this one looks like its been frozen with all the crystals!!

The Smell: upon first cracking the bag you note a nice Pine, haze with a slight mint finish. Not too strong and a decent strain for concealing as it doesn't have the super pungent smell until broken apart.

The Cure: This batch is cured absolutely spot on for this strain, the pieces are absolutely covered in trichomes and remain nice and sticky. Can pull buds apart and stick them to the window, but not too moist that it effect the way it smokes.

The Taste: Upon First inhale you will immediately note the haze pine flavor, with a minty finish that tingles my throat upon exhale. Very nice uplifting flavor that is not too overwhelming and leaves a very nice finish at the tip of your tongue and back of the throat.

The High: This one is a heavy hitter up front, Hybrid but Majority Indica. It can be a one hitter quitter for the less experienced.

The Conclusion: Of the Mintz Strains out there, this one shines for its awesome bud density to trichome ratio, the cure is spot on, and most importantly the high is an absolute knockout. Will stand up to the Premium and Ultra premium choices available any day of the week.
Here is a link to pics with some amazing views like you have never seen before.

As Always a big Thank you to @medboy and @MerlinsMagic for providing this amazing medicine!


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