Merlin's Indoor Macnanna🏆🍌💣💥MAC X Strawberry Banana (Flavor profile is a sweet PM!)

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Ladies and Gents,
This strain is one that excites me for a couple reasons... I'm talking about Merlin's Macnanna. This is a pretty new to the market Hybrid that carries some amazing traits from its parent strains.

The Appearance: Lighter Green, larger pine cone shaped nugs. Absolutely covered in Trichomes to the point its almost a shiny coating atop the nugs itself with crystals arising from there. Very mature trichomes with nice round points.

The Smell: Upon first opening the bag you note the Pine/haze smell with an awesome sweet banana undertone leaving your mouth watering, mind and body anxious to give it a try.

The Cure: SPOT ON! Dense buds, cured perfectly, burns very slow without hesitation to burn. Can be hard to grind if trying to grind a lot at a time due to the amount of Trichome coating throughout and will leave a residue behind.

The Taste: Upon inhale you note the sweet banana with almost a Permanent marker finish. If you enjoyed Permanent Marker, you will enjoy this one as well. Very comparable flavor profile that is a hint sweeter!

The High: This strain is a Very high potency Hybrid, Great potency up front with a nice happy uplifting body buzz. However couch locked state can be achieved if consumed as such due to its high THC content. This one always leaves me hungry no matter the time of day or frequency of last meal, so not recommended for after dinner or meals as you will want to eat more!! I find the high very similar to Lemon bars or banana punch, kind of sits between the two with LB being a tad more sedative and BP being a little more social.

The Conclusion: If you like Permanent Marker but want a sweeter finish, this is your strain! I will be stocking up on this one, as I love the density of flower, the flavor while in use and the experience while under the influence is delightful yet still able to accomplish tasks if needed as long as used moderately. Could easily pass as an ULTRA PREMIUM

Be sure to check out the pics and this strain under a microscope. The landscape of Trichomes has left not a spot open, these are covered from tip of the leaf to the bottom of the stem in a very heavy thick clear coating that shines in the light its so thick!

As Always a big Thank you to @medboy and @MerlinsMagic for providing this amazing medicine!

ALL taste testing for these reviews is performed with a laser smoking device for a fuel/element free uninhibited smoke source that has no alternate flavors, butane, or other chemicals to burn providing the purest, cleanest, highest flavor experience available for the most accurate flavor profiles in the world.

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