Merlin's Greenhouse Lilac Mint, LOOK AT THE PICS, its WILDLY impressive for a greenhouse option🟩🏡

Ladies and Gents, this review is for Merlin's indoor offering of Lilac Mint.

The Appearance: Mid-Darker green medium sized flowers with red hair and a nice layer of trichomes throughout. 4K Microscope Pics Link Below!

The Smell: first crack of the bag you note an earthy gas with a lingering spicy mint hint. The aroma in this one is exposed once its broken apart, it does a great job of concealing the great smell it has to offer until then. Once ground, the skunky, gassy, mintz comes in strong and leaves the grinder smelling like a mix of buds and spices from your spice rack, very appetizing!

The Cure: 9/10 great balance of moister inside and out, bulk amounts would benefit from a 62% pack if stored for any decent length of time as this strain shines and maintains the terps at the slightly higher moisture level while still burning nice and without hassle, Currently as shipped they are perfect but would benefit if keeping with a selection.

The Taste: Upon first inhale I get a nice mellow floral woody taste followed by a kush/mint finish that tingles the tongue and back of throat as many of the Mintz strains do. This one has a more subtle mintz finish but is still definitely there.

The High: Good head buzz, I find it hits great but leaves a creative, go with the flow kind of attitude. Is a great stress reliever, good for anxiety. Is on the stronger side if smoked in a "going to prison in 5 minutes fashion" but, if used in moderation, it is a great strain for packing a bowl and intermittently taking hits while doing whatever you set your mind to!
I find it a happy balance between "strong enough to knock your lights out" But! "has been through anger management" and doesn't have to live like that...

The Conclusion: Good one for those who like a heavy hitter but don't have to burn the place down every time they walk through the door. I like it for its versatility and great happy balanced high. Being a greenhouse option its surprisingly mature and the trichomes are very dense, and equal in every bit the same as the premium offerings throughout. If I was looking for a good balanced offering that I could get fried pie off of but don't have to turn it up that much every time I indulged, this would be my go to for sure!

Link to pics and 4k microscope pics of the LILAC Mintz strain from Merlin, this one has great Trichome structure, very mature base and grown out to the point the tips are nice and round. Very good example of a matured out trichome structure. I say again....greenhouse?? the pics speak for themselves, don't just take my word for it, check them out here!

Big Thank you to @medboy and @MerlinsMagic for this amazing medicine!

ALL taste testing for these reviews is performed with a laser smoking device for a fuel/element free uninhibited smoke source that has no alternate flavors, butane, or other chemicals to burn providing the purest, cleanest, highest flavor experience available for the most accurate flavor profiles in the world.


  • @Hideurself pleaze elaborate on the laser smoking device that you use. Apparently it makes all the weed good. Lol. Just picking at you.
    But do tell what type of device. I found a Hytoki pipe for $350, but that’s all.

  • I like seeing reviews of the good and bad myself. @leaf they're way more enticing that way imo but hats off to ya @Hideurself great job and way more patience than me

  • It's a light assist, so a higher end greenhouse as opposed to the light deps. I tried to gtet separate categories before but I don't remember why we never did. Anyway glad you enjoy and glad to be placing to notch on the site

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