I'm confused..

I havent been on here in awhile. I was about to order some concentrate and all the pics show that their THC-A on the label? I hope thats not the case bc I can get that stuff from the gas station. I get on here to buy the stuff I cant aquire legally you know. I'm not complaining really just curious. Thanks guys i hope you all have a great day


  • Ok.... (Disclaimer first)Not a chemist and do not claim to be an expert....
    But if I remember right THC-A converts to THC with heat and or time. If I remember correctly from last time I bought at dispensary, THC-A will be higher than the listed THC on the package (unless it was a heat press extraction in which case the THC-A is converted during the extraction by the heat). Hope this helps but again....not an expert by any means and going off of the memory of an old stoner that hasnt done much research

  • @Zackarrry I asked the same question when they are got listed. You can refer to this thread for more info:

  • From what I read cannabis doesn't make delta 9 thc. It makes thca and with time and heat the thca converts into delta 9. That's why eating raw bud won't have much of an effect but if you heat i up (decarboxylate) for a little and eat it you will get high. Also all diamonds will be in thca form because it won't crystallize that way unless it's in the acidic form(thca means thc acid)

  • Also not a chemist and don't claim to be lol just what I've read because I had the same question

  • @Zackarrry I have put this question to Merlin to ask about that badder which should say THC-A in the description if it is. Our concentrates have always been THC and not THC-A and all the rest of them are.

  • I have had all of Merlin’s concentrates and they are all fire. Don’t hesitate. You will be very pleased.

  • @medboy thanks buddy and @Pfenn I understand that all cannabis is thc-a and it converts to delta 9 after it burnt or something like that but there's a difference in hemp thc-a that they sell at the gas station. You can taste it and everything. I may be wrong but pretty sure I'm not

  • @friendsofbillw thanks bro. Any recommendations on the order list right now? Tried the rosin yet? 70 a g is steep but if it's good I wouldn't mind paying that

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    @Zackarrry I purchased the rosin from Merlin when it first hit the menu and it's great. I do not think it's hash rosin, more plant rosin. I prefer the solvent-less whenever it's an option. I see some new ones on the menu now which look interesting from loud but its pricey.

  • I might take new pictures to not be as confusing, but these are hitting like proper concentrates. I think they put it like that for safety of traveling with them and I left them like that to show the %. Definitely NOT from hemp, its from the regular buds.

    @Zackarrry The rosins are solventless and cost more to make. I can check how low we can go and still make it worthwhile for us, and may do a sale in the future.

  • Again just hear to reiterate that I have tried all of Merlin’s concentrates and they are all fire. Don’t hesitate to buy. I’m about to put a new order in myself.

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