Happy Trees Royal Skunk (discounted outdoor)

Long time no post. Life has gotten so busy, but I'm still around lurking in the shadows, lol.
Has anyone tried this one? Just curious how it is.


  • No. But it’s nice to see you here.

  • @leaf

    Thank you! 😊

  • i have 2 oz of the skunk nice looking tight buds needs some boveda love but after 2 weeks much more smell and smokes smooth perfect for budget smoke at that price !!!

  • @cmweems1964

    Thank you so much! That's exactly the response I was looking for. 😊

  • @MigraineWarrior79 its so good to hear from you again! I sure understand that β€œlife getting busy.” I don’t post near as often, but I’m around.😊🧐

  • @TheProfessor

    Good to hear from you too! I've been crazy busy with working, taking care of the parents, and grandparents. Whew! Where do the days go? Lol πŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸ’¨

  • Good to hear from you

  • Hey my friend @MigraineWarrior79 good to see you back I haven’t tried happy trees yet, got around to getting some mdma from Merlin finally though

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    @pap7777 @Bayoubud87
    Hey buds!

    How was the mdma?

    Hoping for touchdown tomorrow from HT.

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    Landed today & was subbed for Mountain Dew. If I'm not mistaken, MD is a sativa, and those don't agree with me most of the time. Disappointed, but not the end of the world. πŸ˜•


    Ok, for science, I tested out the MD, and my impressions are that it's more indica than sativa, but ones mileage may vary.
    A bit dry, but I have it chilling with some 62% Bodeva. Upon research, I think this may actually be Mountain Dew Mouth [60/40 Indica Dom reference allbud.com]. Pics to follow.
    So, originally disappointed because I thought it wasn't going to jive well with the anxiety I deal with, but now I'm happy😊

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    @MigraineWarrior79 Sorry for having to sub :/ that Royal Skunk sold really fast.

  • @HappyTrees

    No worries! It's treating me well. 😊

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