Loud, no label - no informed delivery - no problem!

For the first time I received a package from loud that did not show a label and never showed up on informed delivery. I ordered last Sunday and the package showed up yesterday. Six days to the East Coast. My informed delivery has always been 100% except for this order. If you are waiting on a loud order, relax it will just show up... My only complaint is my split was not honored OR never seen. Outside of that it shows me not to rely on informed delivery. I will review the products in another post when time permits.


  • Yeah!! So glad it made it! I had a similar situation twice with Loud not showing up on USPS, but always remember the phrase for close to 7 years now, Medman ALWAYS delivers!! They always deliver

  • Yep mine to!!!But because they put my apt #in the first line then the address below informed would not track it.
    it has only happend twice in 5 yrs for me the other time the
    label Printer left a black line thru the address and it did not track

  • I was wondering. I usually only order from Merlin. Been a week and nothing, so I started to get worried. This post helped.

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