3 Strains on the way...

I ordered a split of Permanent Marker and Gary Payton from Loud. Couldn't pass up the UP flower at indoor price. Wish I could of afforded the Jealousy too but it sounded like it was in Permanent Markers lineage. I had some of Merlins Permanent Marker and it was outstanding! I hope the Gary Payton doesn't mess with my anxiety too bad... It's been on my strains to try list for awhile now so I pulled the trigger! Also, ordered 1/4 of Zoap from Merlin. Another that's been on my list since it was on the market. I love indicas that sedate me and kill my pain. Would kill for some Northern Lights and Purple Urkle!!! But with these 3 I ordered I hope to be satisfied. I cant afford to spend the $ on medecine that I once could. My life took a huge tragic change but I'm bouncing back and you guys are probably getting sick of me bitching about it... So sorry for the bitching, friends 🧑! Will review when touchdown happens πŸ™...


  • The permanent marker from load is fireπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ super stinky and has hints of pine and permanent marker who woulda guessed I'm gonna try and get some Gary Payton my next order lmk how it is

  • Ordered May 20th and got label created same day from Merlin! Still nada from Loud. Seems like louds packs are showing up in mailboxes before it shows a label created on informed delivery!!!! Read a few people's experiences where this happened! No worries. I've been using this site long enough to know that Medman ALWAYS delivers. The peace of mind from informed delivery is nice tho...

  • @Mr4Sher ordered from Loud on a Sunday last week, never saw a label or any tracking and it showed up 6 days later. Never even hit ID. That was a first for me!

  • Good to know... Thanks for sharing your encounter!

  • Touchdown on all 3 strains today!! No subs!! Zoap(Merlin), Permanent Marker and Gary Payton(Loud). Also a freebie jay of Magic Melon! Reviews to come but may be a few days!!!

  • I was looking at Zoap. I hope it's good.

  • I got a transaction with btc sent so hopefully all set and shows by end of week or so

  • The Gary Payton is straight fire.....my favorite out of the discounted UP strains loud is carrying right now. I really enjoyed the permanent marker and jealousy as well. Can't go wrong with any of those if you ask me

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