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That is all


  • Touchdown for me here too! Received my requested split of PM and Jealousy. No label at all, just showed up today. Really glad I checked my mailbox…phew! Both strains are top notch, great mix of large and medium nugs, some fine medicine for sure 👍. Thank you @LoudnCo! It was rough waiting but now very pleased 😎. Jealousy may have a slight edge…IMO

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  • @LoudnCo Hi I made an order for 2 ounces of Dolato on the 28th of May and It's been 12 days no package no label, please send out my package, I am out of smoke and I did get the RSO in From @MerlinsMagic , and I thank you for that. I love you @LoudnCo and I don't want to be afraid to order from you again. Come on guys I know I'm just a little customer but I'm loyal

  • Nothing from you still @LoudnCo , I put my order in on May 28th, I believe you must've forgotten about me, I would really like to have what I paid you for. I now wished I would've ordered from You @MerlinsMagic because I don't ever have these issues with you. I got my RSO from y'all a week ago. I appreciate it @MerlinsMagic . Come on @LoudnCo this ain't right. I was hoping it would appear with no label but nothing from you. Please please send me my 2 ounces I paid you to send me please and thank you. I'm really in need of my product. I text Medboy and he said y'all been having issues, damn I wished now I would have ordered different. Excuse me @Jaybird922 , how many days did it take you to get you order from @LoudnCo ? I've ordered on the 28th of May, no product no label, and I'm kicking myself in the ass about it.

  • Blame DeJoy

  • So I’m not the only one going through it also this sucks been waiting also @Thinktank9000 doesn’t make sense how you gotta wait 2 weeks for your stuff. When others ship the next day @LoudnCo y’all gotta get it together please and thank you

  • @Thinktank9000 it took my order 9 days with no label showing up this time. Average delivery time from my experience, Loud = 8-10, Merlin & Happy = 5-6. I hope Medboy is helping you out behind the scenes. He has been courteous and professional to me over the years answering my emails of concern and every order has been delivered. However, on occasion...some orders have taken their sweet time...which is quite painful.

  • @LoudnCo I cannot understand why I haven't received my order from you yet. As I stated before I made the order on the 28th of May, I haven't seen anything from you yet. It's been 14 days. Please kindly send me my order of two ounces of Dolato. It's getting very upsetting here. I have never had to wait this long for a order. I've been ordering for a few years. @LoudnCo please send my order.

  • At this point I wonder can @LoudnCo can you just give my money to Merlin and let him send me something as long as it's indica, because this ain't right.. I have been very patient, but nobody has helped me. I am very upset. @MerlinsMagic can you get the 280 I sent to loud, and send me something. I don't know if they just don't care about their customers or what's going on with you @LoudnCo ? I only want what I paid for.

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    If I were you, I'd contact medboy. I really don't think this is the place you should be venting. . . just saying.

  • Hi @Thinktank9000 yes please write to me and I can find out what's up. It's true that Loud's packages have been taking a bit longer to arrive and with no informed delivery. I think their PO is screwed up. It's very frustrating! But yes write to me and we'll set you up. I'm sure your package is on its way.

  • Thanks Medboy I will report that I received it yesterday, and I was so thankful to get it. I appreciate you, and your always helpful and reassuring. Thank you.

  • @Thinktank9000 apologies for the delay on our reply. Unfortunately our hub has been having issues with deliveries (not just for us but for every other human being that's using their services) and its really out of our hands when it comes to shipping once they have our orders on their hands.

    Thank you @medboy for working things out.

  • My last order from LoudnCo was delivered in 6 days to the East Coast.

  • Back in the day I think the website used to say to wait 10 Business days before contacting about lost order. Now it has been changed to 2weeks. Either way, the package was on time if arrived on the 11th.
    I know it's tough when your jars are running low and your waiting on the mail to show.... I've been there. But if I run out of weed its because I didn't plan well enough. If I am counting on a super quick delivery and it takes the full two weeks that was my mistake not theirs ( this is very rare for all shippers in my experience and usually a post office snafu). If you are getting anxious and worried than remember..... Medicine Man ALWAYS delivers.
    Posting trash talk isn't going to motivate to Post office to bring your package quicker. 4 posts wondering where your weed is before the 2 weeks has even passed is a bit much. Not trying to bust people out on here, but don't like seeing trash talked when MM did exactly what they said they would (as always).....and your stuff wasn't even late

  • @Thatguy totally agreed. I generally believe people who fuss are young people who are used to instant gratification. I say that bc knowing MM always delivers, just order before you run too low. If that isn't financially possible then budget money different, do without other things you may want but don't need, or maybe ur habit is more than you can afford. I'm not being rude either, but once things are shipped(like many people fuss about) it is 100% out of MM hands. I have ordered a set of Race Ramps for my 1999 Pontiac Firebird. They are not cheap. Look em up if u don't believe me. The shipping is crazy. Took the item farther n farther away from me. But I know it will make it. Now I'm worried I got the wrong one. Just remember, patience. N 2 weeks meant 5 working days. Thus 10 days is still 2 weeks. They have had that same for at least 3 years. I get nothing for typing this. So don't worry, be happy. I totally understand the way ya feel when u see nothing moving or no label yet. All my orders have appeared on ID before they came. But ID is not always correct.

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