Temperature to Vaporize DMT at?

@MerlinsMagic what is optimal temperature for vaping DMT at?


  • @MikeyC, hope you been well. Just my experience and found it is different depending on the element in the cartridge used. C cell or ceramic carts can handle higher voltages and with dmt love to be 4v-4.2v.

    Preheat about 3-5 secs and letter rip. I make my own dmt carts so can't speak for the purchased ones but if it's a ceramic cell it should be transparent. I noted when I tried it at lower voltages or without a good preheat the 2nd or 3rd rip was the only ones worth a crap. I hate the taste of dmt so I make my own super strong single hit carts that will have you blasting in one hit to two at most and use 100% terpines for flavor like bubblegum ect. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks for this! I am also curious about the non cart. I know people use either an oil pipe or eclipse vape. I was wondering if the 150c to 170c range has a sweet spot. Thank you again for answering for the carts!

  • @MerlinsMagic any pointers?

  • If you are using the freebase directly I have found that Yocan Evolve vaporizer can work great. Also have heard good things about the eclipse. I've used the glass sherlock vaporgenie which worked amazingly well but I broke it. :-(

  • Thank you!

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