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Dude ordered 2 days ago on Tuesday and its already out for delivery today and I'm all the way on the east coast. I'd pay extra to have this happen everytime

Thanks guys hope yall have a kick ass weekend. I'm going too

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  • same thing here. Ordered Monday night. Strange

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    In the 5 yrs I have been here I have had 2 day shipping to the east coast a handful of times enjoy!!!!
    Loud a few yrs ago was killing it in the shipping until there hub went to shit!!

  • Making another order today. The live rosin vapes specifically the orange aprocit is the best I've had on here so.far and been using medicine mans services for awhile.now at least 3 yrs

  • Merlin's and Happy Trees are lightening fast! Recently saw both orders here within like 4 days, impressive! Been here for 7 years now and I'm still impressed with everything!

  • Amazing! Placed an order on Thursday and still haven’t seen a label. Hohum

  • I stand corrected! There was a package in my mailbox. Unscanned. However, there was no contents in the box. Empty and taped a bit. D’oh!

  • @Tea4Two10 Contact med and he'll get your order fixed.

  • @Tea4Two10 maybe time for a po box !!!

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    Thanks! I did send a message to MB. I’m sure they’ll help me out.
    @cmweems1964 i know right! Thing is I live out in the country and this is the first issue I’ve had in four years or ordering. I bet it happened at the DC in the city close to me. Fuckers 😂

  • Always do our best to get the order out the same day we get it. If you order later in the day I won't get the order until the next day.

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