Anybody tried the Keef cookies?

Has anybody else tried the keef cookies from @MerlinsMagic ? I know they’ve been on menu for a bit and I usually get the gum drops where one or two hit me perfect (25-50 mg) but i ate half a cookie (50mg) and it’s been few hours and i feel normal.. is it just me? I think I should eat the other half and see…


  • That doesn't sound right. Maybe others can chime in with their experience with the cookies.

  • I had those a few months ago. I also ate 1/2 and I thought they were great! Actually liked the effects better than the gummies(I’m the same 25-50mg) been meaning to order more.

  • Edibles are super dependant on your personal makeup. Especially the keef, which for some reason some people love or hate.

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