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Is there anyway in the descriptions that the supplier can tell us how fresh the batch that they’re offering is? Is it from this year’s batch or is it from last year’s batch? it would be nice to know how fresh what we’re buying before we buy it. Some of the stuff is not very fresh. Thanks


  • While I get the idea I’d like to make two points.
    A. The idea has been brought up previously.
    B. Seeing as we are only 5 days into this year, that part doesn’t make a ton of sense.
    Still a good idea never the less.

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    Not sure what five days into the new year has to do with anything? Also”that part doesn’t make sense “ ? again not sure what you mean? And it has been brought up before and it wasn’t addressed. It needs to be addressed . I’ve been buying from this site for years and I’m gonna say in my opinion the quality as such has gone down on certain things and it seems like some of this stuff is pretty old. Two of the last five batches I’ve ordered were dry as crap . I understand they’re doing us a favor where else can you go and buy online that is trusted on the flipside to that we’re also paying premium prices and not always getting premium product. I recently posted about my last order and I can honestly say I probably wont order from suplier again. And again as previously mentioned in another post we need accurate product descriptions, accurate product pictures of the real product and freshness. I’m spending 400 plus on an order that’s not chump change! I don’t believe asking for accuracy and freshness of a product is too much to ask. Should I have waited till February, March ,April or so to ask the question.

  • Cannabis harvests are ready at different times and indoor harvests can be ready at any time. So your question is always relevant in my opinion, Flapples.

    This is good feedback. I will forward it on to all 3 shippers to make sure they get it.

  • I was simply speaking of the part where you were asking "is it from this year's batch". Seeing as it was only 5 days into the new year, you can't expect them to have much of a new batch considering they were on vacation.

  • While I agree this sounds like a great idea, I think it would just lead to more older stock. Who for example, would ever buy the old stuff? Everyone would want the newest and freshest, leaving the older stuff to just get, older. I think the real issue is maybe the growers need to scale it back a bit, for example don’t grow so much, quality over quantity. Or offer a discount on anything older than so many months, etc. Just my two cents.

  • Here's what Med Mama says: "We will do our best to keep everything fresh. Some product may be drying out so we will look into it."

    Here's what Medicine Love says: "Regarding age/oldness of batches... if a batch is particularly old I have been mention that in the description, and have it be a discount product, like the recent Agent Orange or Mendo Majesty (in the description I wrote that they were from the previous year's harvest). Also, not too long ago I offered Mt. Hood Magic that was harvested in June, so I mentioned that and was offering it at a lower price. Other than that, outdoor will always be from the most recent harvest (which is always late October). And indoor or greenhouse is usually harvested within the past few months when I offer it. I store my buds almost always with humidity packs in the bag to preserve moisture content. Once in a while there is something the slips through the cracks and might be dry. I usually have a helper work with me so once in a while something might be sent out that has a quality issue that escapes my attention and if that happens I invite you to send an email and tell me what you ordered and what the problem was and I'll do my best to come up with a fair solution."

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    The Mendo Majesty is awesome! Wish I had bought more! Uplifting and great for pain, mood & sleep. I bought it because of the discount. The description was accurate.

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