Jungle Boys Live Rosin carts

Hello! I ordered 2 live rosin disposable carts, Jungle Boys. Charged them overnight. Was excited to partake but - there is no way to suck anything in!!!! What am I missing???? I'm long term user. The top of the cart says FIRE. There is no suckability to these carts!!! Help? Or I am out 180 dollars


  • Well first are you sure they are turned on? Try hitting the power button 5 times.Otherwise please write to me. This is not the place for customer support.

  • The jungle boy cart I received doesn’t have a button to turn it on. It hit right out of the box. It’s resin so more than likely it’s clogged. Maybe use a blow dryer to lightly heat it up where you can see the rosin then try to pull on it?

  • Ya mine came fully charged

  • since its rosin its thicker i always throw a blow dryer on it the first time and suck away once its warmed up and it works with no issue after that

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    Just pull harder, if there is more of an issue then try heating a little bit externally with a blow dryer or something which will help.


  • Wow reading the comments you all are on top of this lol! Thanks @superman38NC @cmweems1964 and @pap7777.

    Part of the reason I selected these vapes is that there are no buttons to mess with, and they are some of the best hardware on the market.

    Sometimes I'll put it in the hot car to get started too.

  • Merlin they hit great and for a vape they rock my world!! All i vap Now have 4 diffrent flavors i go between.

  • okay! I will try a blow dryer! I'll let y'all know!

  • yay! the blow dryer worked!!!! thanks so much!

  • If the mouthpiece is clogged badly you can also carefully pop the top piece off & clean it just be sure to put back on correctly👍. They are by far some of the more reliable vaps.

  • @AnnsS Huzzah!!! So glad it worked out for you.

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