Empty Cartridge Question

One of the biggest issues I have living in a non-legal state (other than the obvious) is my inability to talk to people and ask simple questions. This has led to a lot of positive and negative trial and error.

As a chronic pain sufferer the vaping concept was eye opening and a potential saving grace. First, it absolutely has been. The discretion and the dosing ability has been amazing. After a year or so purchasing only pre-filled carts I decided to venture into the refill syringe (unfortunately none of this is covered by insurance and sadly I'm not made of money).

There was a very steep learning curve and I lost a lot of oil on figuring out how to do it properly (key is warming oil first but that is another topic). I've been purchasing some empty carts via ebay and found the ccell carts clogged often so I started doing research. I bought clones and actual carts and recently bought an empty Liberty cartridge. When I put in the oil it tasted horrible. Initially it was due to the oil not absorbing yet but it still just tasted off. I know it is possible that the cart itself is broken but I'm a bit nervous to try again.

OK, so on to my long winded question.

Can anyone recommend the best type of empty cartridge and if you've had anything similar occur. I'm always going to be searching for the "unicorn" cartridge and I like to tinker, so I'm open to hearing any thoughts.


  • I've been wondering this myself. I have tried different empty cartridges but all of them I've tried have been for tobacco e-cigs, I think. So to be on the safe side I just refill the cartridges I use from this site.

    I'll ask the shippers' opinion.

  • Jk73 I have actually done the exact same thing...but I’ve had mixed reactions from different cartridges...I ordered some from wish.com with the black tip (1/2g) and most of them worked fine but had a couple out of ten that clogged but would still work after clearing the clog...I also bought ten c cell carts from eBay and had one that leaked, one that clogged and could hardly hit and the rest so far have worked fine...the oil is so thick that I have searched for cartridges specifically for think oil and from what I can find the c cell carts should be the best for that...I understand what you mean by losing product and the expense of it...it’s not fun to lose any stuff that is that expensive...my suggestion is to keep trying different things and hopefully find something that works better...I will post back on here if I try anything new that works better

  • Thanks jl and medboy. I think right not this is just where the tech is. I'm hopeful for the pod systems and eventually something that automatically measures temp vs. viscosity etc. Right now, I guess just ordering from ebay is the best bet (unless you have a recommendation of somewhere else to purchase).

    I've found that after three fills they start to get way gunky (but I might also be waiting to long to fill them).

  • I recommend the cloud v alien vape.. it's not a disposable cartridge it's an actual vape pen that comes with a wax atomizer and a distillate tank.. it holds 1.5 gs of distillate and the wax atomizer holds a g of concentrate.. in my opinion disposable carts are always gona be a hit or miss cause every pen is designed differently.. I'd stick with buying a complete vape kit with a reusable cartridge yo can has a good one to but I can't remember the name of it right now.. if I come across it again I'll post back.

  • Thanks aps. Have you ever tried any of the pod systems? I was thinking of trying Juul or Pax with the pods and refill those.

  • IMO, just stick with the CCELL TH2 1 ml cartridges, but just fill them once (otherwise they start to clog). They’re only about $5. I’m pretty sure those are the best ones, and they’re cheap enough to just fill once and toss.

  • Go you tube and look up vape pens.
    Call someone on the west coast at a pharmacy that sells what you’re looking for and they will tell you what is best.
    Call Oregon or Washington, prices are cheaper than their southern neighbor.
    There are reviews on utube that explain everything.

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