Do the sugar trim joints have paper tips now?

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I saw that sugar trim joints were one of the best bang for your buck (in bulk at least) purchases a while ago and ordered a bunch one time. They came as pictured with no crutch and I was unable to smoke quite a few of them because I couldn't get enough airflow and they would just burn up. I equate this to me being stupid and not the joints themselves. Theres a new photo of them and they appear to have a proper end on them, but this is also the same image thats used for the normal Med Mama joints. If this is the new standard I'd be interested in giving them another try


  • It sure isn't a stupid question! I'll encourage Med Mama to log on and weigh in on this one.

  • The last time I ordered sugar trim joints, they came with a paper filter.

  • Very good thank you

  • Everything has a crutch now, I'll update the description and photos. As you say without the crutch they were challenging to suck sometimes.

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