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Has anyone else ordered on Jan 2 from Med Mamma and receive item yet? I do not even have a shipping label on USPS yet. Any idea why this company waits so long to do shipping ? Since you will get yelled at for asking before 14 day ( way to long to wait when we pay the extra cost for shIpping)


  • i'm waiting for a package also. haven't seen anything on informed delivery

  • Got my order I placed from Med Mama on 2nd in the mail yesterday

  • Thanks. I still have no USPS information. Just trying to figure out why it takes so long for them to shop

  • They had a huge backload of orders waiting for them when they came back from vacation. I suspect that's the reason why some are getting their packages promptly and others have to wait a little longer.

  • Thanks. I think I’m going to try the other company. I have this issue a few times with this shipper. I have waited up to three weeks already from them. It really hard to get this shipping time down when you should order .

  • Still waiting on the MM order from the 2nd. Haven't looked at informed delivery.

  • Just ordered today. Will keep yall posted

  • I got a ton of orders on the 2nd which got to me on the 3rd. We split it up into 3 days of work with shipments going out Friday the 3, Saturday the 4, and Monday the 5. Apologies if your order got sent out later, please understand there was a big backlogand we did our best to make sure orders got out as quickly as possible.
    By Monday we were caught up.

  • MM
    I ordered from MM ordered on 01/04 shipping label was created said it was at my post office since 01/09 has stopped moving in the system. I spoke to my mail man yesterday and today when he delivered order from L&C and he says it never reached their post office. He has been my postman for over 10yrs so i have no reason to doubt him. this usually means lost package. And I still cant report it lost for another 5 business days.
    at least L&C came through

  • update
    still has same status in USPS system
    still waiting for a resolution to this order
    I have received 2 orders from L&C since this order.

  • I waited the 10 days to report package lost 01/18 I provided the tracking # and wallet #
    I get email from med boy they will look into it 01/19 promptly
    Then I follow up on 01/22 being patient
    Med boy then responds promptly by sending me the same tracking # I sent him and that’s it.
    So now what you gave me back what I gave you and the status is still the same.
    Why do we have to go back and forth after the 10 days?
    Please explain to us so we all understand the rules.

  • If this is a recurrent issue, we should look into another address or PO Box.
    We can try a very different packaging if you write a note when you order.

  • It happens 1 or 2 times out of 20 orders would not consider recurring just seems to happen from time to time.
    I received my holiday order from med mama wedding cake and chocolope 2 oz of ea no issues and received 2 orders from loud since the order from you went missing.
    How you package it is really up to you.

  • Alright, well message MB, he can confirm who you are and I'll send you a little something to tide you over until its figured out.

  • Waiting for him to reply now.
    Isn’t there a way for you to know if say you sent out 15 orders on that day wouldn’t there be away to see if all orders reached destination.
    Because it would seem if a post office was on to someone it would be shipper.

  • On top of everything else, my email has been down for the past two days. Sorry, I really hope it will be working again by tonight.

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