I've bought CBD in a wax form before. Now that I can get THC concentrate from MM I have a question.
What is the difference between wax, shatter, distillate, diamonds, did I leave any out?

I assume I can use them all in my refillable vape pen?


  • For non liquid, I would use a yucan dab pen. The diamonds are the most potent, and the best high imo. Or you can use the “om” wax adapter with the solids. It is a great little pen that has a keychain and can do oil vapes or solid concentrates. > link to om pen. I have.

  • My pen has two cartridges. One for liquid and one for dab.
    Are diamonds glassy like shatter? What about distillates or live resin.
    The terms are still new to me.

    Are diamonds more waxy or glassy?

  • ok so shatter is a clean snap break when u rip a piece off and is like a harder form of puddy, wax is sticky thick wax, the distillates which i have the most experience with off the site has pretty much the same consistancy of the wax. its very thick distillate. ive been getting distillates for the past 3 orders, you need to heat it with a blow dryer to squeeze it into a cartridge. but i just got a 3 in 1 pen and have been putting my distillate into a silicone container then dabbing it. hope this helps

  • I want to underline @shleezen 's answer because it's spot on. The principal difference is the texture.

  • @shleezen are you talking about med mamas refill syringes distillate? I’ve been looking for a decent distillate but am so weary because of all the fake ones nowadays

  • @Medmike25 yes I am sir, ive had blue dream, super lemon haze, and now im trying Durban poison. all have been very nice. I use them to refill cartridges and to dab with. I find that because of the thickness unless you plan on buying replacement carts frequently you might want to get a pen that has a multi purpose and you can dab with because the thickness of the distillates will burn out your cartridge after 1-2 full fills

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