Shipping and site issues

I hope these issues with shipping and site are resloved this waiting sucks orderd and payeed the 14th and nothing since!!!


  • Ordered 1/15 from Loud and I just got it minus the holiday 3 business days

  • Yea hoping its in the box today i have had loud ship without usps showing it coming and it showed up

  • We have another site error on our hands but this time it should not interfere with the shippers. So hopefully everyone will get their package in a timely manner going forward!

  • My last Med Mama order...placed 1/10. Label made 1/15. Accepted at Post Office 1/17 Arrived 1/20 Mid South coast.

  • Ordered on 1/7, coinbase payment went through 1/10, MM responded on 1/12 stating it was just too late for the order but that they'd let it go through anyway. As of now, nothing on informed delivery. I don't know when my two week countdown to being able to ask MM started. So confused and in pain.

  • SloNoMo, sometimes the orders from Friday we don't get until on the shippers side until Sunday, when the post office isn't open yet. That means we were a couple days slower than usual which I apologize for, I'm trying to remember but wasn't that when we had some site issues and then a big backorder?

    We do our best to get it out the same day we get the order which is often the day after it's placed.

  • MedMama.....I was not complaining.....

    just providing the chronology of my last order.

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