Joint labeled "LA" is which strain?

I received a freebie joint from Loud labeled LA. I have another one labeled C99 which is obviously Cinderella 99. Any ideas on which strain the "LA" joint might be?


  • @Sixwaychili I also just got a free joint from loud and the "a" is actually a D on mine, which has to be "Lodi Dodi"

  • Just looked again and it's definitely an A. :smiley:

  • Loud offered a flower last month called Indoor LAvender.

  • Lavender is a long word. I'm sure LA is an abbreviation.

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    Thanks, that could be it. Looked it up and lavender is an indica. So I'll be taking the C99 joint to the next get-together instead of the one that will put everyone to sleep. ;)

  • I don't get that from Lavender. I know it's predominantly indica but I smoke it all day. As I've posted before, I love love love it. I get the same vibe as Mimosa from it.

  • And you will know right away by the taste. It's unmistakable.

  • Lower Alabama 😜

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