Last day

Two months to the day from arrival through empty bag (1 oz).

I just spent a half hour meticulously scraping my grinder for one last punch, and than ground up the stems I've been saving, salvaging just a bit more of the good stuff.

Curious, when you can't replenish just yet, do you do crazy stuff like this too?

MM rox!


  • yes, I dont jack with stems but I do roll frankenstein j's out of as many roaches as I can find. Tastes disgusting and feels so dumb when its a plant I should be able to grow legally on my own property. They get me ripped though, never know how many strains are in them. Grateful for MM, but just feels silly stressing so much about a harmless plant because of the powers that be....

  • If you could always hit the duff again.....and again.

  • edited January 28

    Always. I used to scrape the resin out of my pipes to resmoke it.. currently I’m on a kick of saving all of my ash/half smoked bowls and using it when I don’t have anything else.. works better than nothing lmao I look like a straight-up crackhead when I run out of my MEDS 🤮😰

  • I used to smoke the resin out of my pipe for a week. But it's so harsh I don't bother anymore. I clean it.

    The last time I was out and was just laid off, I smoked straight kief for 2 weeks. That was really harsh too.

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