Splitting strains

Whenever you want to order to split strains is there a specific amount that you have to order or can it be a small amount? I saw a thread about someone splitting up ouces, but if I just wanted to order 1/4 could I split it into two strains or no? TIA


  • @MamaMary91 I was told that you can split an ounce or more, two ways only. In other words you can't get four 1/4 bags of different strains. But you can split an ounce in half for two different strains. Hope that helps 😊

  • I figured and that answers my question thank you!

  • I've split a 1/2oz. into 2 1/4ozs.
    I've only done that using the same shipper. I'm not certain if you can split a bag between Loud&co. and MedMama at the same time. I doubt it though. You would probably have to pay double the shipping.

  • A half can be split into 2 quarters a zip into 2 halfs etc. You can only split order in half. Not 4 and it has to be from same shipper. Hope that helps

  • Here's the rule on it:

    • The minimum split is of a half ounce into two quarter ounces.
    • Any quantity of flower at a half ounce or above can be split into two strains, but no more.

    So you can split an ounce into two 1/2 ounce bags, but you can't split it three ways or four. You can split a 2-ounce order into two ounces, but you can't split it three ways or four. No bag can be split three ways, no bag can be split four ways.

    So what do you do if you want 4 different strains, one quarter of each? Simple. You put in two orders of a 1/2 ounce each, and you split both of them into 2 1/4 oz bags each.

  • I emailed this but see that @medboy , your email is out. So just to be totally clear, you cannot in 1 order get 4oz split into 4 strains to take advantage of the 4oz pricing? You can only split an order into 2 strains no matter what, yes?

  • When ordering a QP.... I would say it's the shippers decision.... all depends on the stock available. Wouldn't hurt to ask...

    Stop signs aren't a law... just a strong recommendation.

    Ask.... all they can do is say no.

  • MB the rule is fair and so clear. I have not used this method, but this will clarify strains and make it so enjoyable to order a mix for medicine. Mixing strains. I do this. Some of the flavors on dry hits are why I am reminded MM and MB do this for you. They explain the mission... They know... It feels so good to feel good...

  • See how mb refers to rules

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