Let's Keep Our Cool!

Just a little personal request...

We all know that MM is amazing and comes through! However, sometimes things don't go as planned. We also have to remind ourselves that we are dealing with a risky business here. So we can't really trip when things to go as planned. There is no legit policy. If the business is illegal, the policy is void to some degree. We are lucky to have MM and that they even offer the opportunity to troubleshoot. To be honest, they can close shop anyday and we all be s*** out of luck, with orders or not. So, keep your cool is what I recommend. Let's not piss them off. We appreciate them greatly. I've been shopping for many many years and never been disappointed. And if it were to occur I will pretty much take the loss. I know their business is booming more than ever and this high activity requires more security and safety. Let's keep our cool and support is all I ask! ~ Rhakai


  • LifeLong, words to live by...the reality of our transactions!. We're longtime extremely-satisfied customers and although we've never had a package lost, we have experienced long delays, but MM has always come through. All the anecdotal evidence here indicates that everyone at MM has done a great job of making things right when necessary. Visiting the boards this week has been very disappointing.

  • Let me relate a story.

    Before the holiday break I ordered multiple items from both shippers, including some flower and RSO syringes. Then I thought, "gee, that outdoor product is probably going to sound really good late this winter." And I made another order. Two orders, four shipments.

    Thing is, I copied and pasted the same wallet for the first order address into Coinmama; I plopped all my Bitcoin into the wallet for only the first of the two orders.

    I'm a Bitcoin newbie and didn't even realize it was a problem until the pieces of the order came in out of sequence, 10 days had passed, and we were on the eve of the holiday shutdown. In a way I'm glad I didn't know about this forum at that time. I used the contact form and MB got me the RSO before the holiday break. I got all the flower, too, but the RSO is vital to me and my condition. If you've made RSO before in a prohibition state (yes, Ohio is a prohibition state...what we do here is Mainstream Health [Extract Your Money and Leave You Desperate] business as usual with pot dispensaries).

    Anyway, I cheated and inquired just before the 10-day period but I was sweating. It worked out.

    It's a tricky business and illegal, this one. Everyone involved at MM is looking at hard time for participating in this operation. Us? No, not really. What do I care? I'm dying.

    None of this post regards the OP or any other poster, it's my experience and feeling.

  • @LifeLong OK thanks for the advice Ghandi. What a swell guy.

  • @LifeLong14 I completely agree brother. This is such a great service. I live 20 minutes from a legal state, but still prefer getting my products through this website.

  • As a first time customer waiting on their order , this is all reassuring. They have been completely professional with me so far , every time I’ve contacted them .

  • @lightshow11 LOL. You made me laugh... But my words is real. Don't fu*k it up for the rest of us. Just move on you know??? There are plenty black market businesses online to utilize. I low key think they should close this forum. Starting to make the business look hot.

  • @LifeLong14 lol glad you didn't take offense that's my kind of pothead, cheers.

  • Don't bite the hand that feeds, keeping my avatar lol

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