So many strains gone

What in the sooting heck... a bunch of my favorite strains are gone from the strains and order page. Most noteably the 1:1 CBD thing as I actually just ordered it recently and am really looking forward to it, will I still get it? How will I be able to get more if I like it? What in the sooting...

Okay, anyway, the sample bud is gone as well, which is weird because it still mentions it on the main page, but it’s nowhere to be found on the strains or order page.

Will all those strains come back? Are they just running low and it’s a very temporary thing? I hope so, because that 1:1 CBD strain just might be really good.

Anyway, love ya medman and medboy, you guys are truly the best. Still enjoying my Premium Mimosa sample bud, rolling the smallest half inch or so blunts with a tiny bit of bud to make it last as many highs as possible.


  • They well re up when they find what there looking for

  • Some times there are temporary anomalies while they get the menu sorted out. I would be very surprised it it doesn't change within a short period of time.

  • And "strains gone" means new ones coming! (I lament missing the Sunset Sherbert, though.)

  • @georgetirebiter That’s awesome, do u know if there’ll be more 1:1 CBD strains available like 1:1 Orange Harle -Tsu, 1:1 Purple Cat and 1:1 Royal Highness that were available last year? I want them so bad.

    Also do any of u guys know if I’ll still get the 1:1 CBD strain I ordered right before it went away from the website?

  • I've seen orange harle-tsu recently but have not seen the others. Typically there is one 1:1 CBD strain but I'll let Med Mama or others comment on that. I tried it once and it was delicious to smoke. I've since graduated from half and half CBD/other flower joints to flower and heavy indica RSO. This is more a testament to health concerns than tolerance. But I feel good. This site is a blessing.

  • This is all because of the tech issues which have been plaguing the site over the past two weeks. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience to everyone and I assure you all that our tech dude is working overtime to get this done!

  • @medboy We're all pulling for you pal!

  • I am just happy not to be behind the Eight Ball...but I still pinch yes. The smalls left, which that Ice Cream Cake is a great bud....but I am fine with all...

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    Pulling for you all too

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