Fastest delivery yet!

Thank for your service once again. I ordered late Thursday night and already have it in my hand(Monday). That's better than some Amazon orders. You guys rock!



  • HAHA been waiting a week and a day for mine. Here we fuckin go.

  • Ugh....

    ...positivity works.

  • Been trying! It’s hard when you get your first order in 4 days. And you’ve gone 8 without smoking after smoking everyday for 6+ years.

  • Sorry. Technically I haven’t gone completely without smoking, but I might as well have.

  • Buy double...when you get down to one......double won't "run out".

  • The first order I made was for the “first time customer” gram.. and this is only my second order.. when I bought in person- i just have to get on a new schedule after finding this site.

  • Wow, currently sitting at two and a half weeks...

  • I’ve been waiting since January 7th.

  • Waiting since Jan 4th

  • @nousername I wouldn’t be happy!

  • Are y'all waiting on goods from MedMama or Loud&co?
    I ordered Loud&co on Friday 24th. Label was made Sunday. It has not been mailed yet as of yet. That is fine with me. So far this qualifies as a normal shipping time frame. I've had deliveries arrive as quick as 72 hours after payment conformation, several times, but that qualifies as abnormal. It's awesome when that happens......but it isn't what we should expect.
    In my opinion, if your order isn't shipped within 7 days (one week, including weekends), there should be some sort of expedited service to get things moving.
    I too have had an order slip through the cracks and waited 14 days to inquire, only to be told "if it hasn't arrived in another week, contact Medboy again". That's 21 days. That's more than enough time to determine if the package even exists. At that length of time its more than likely the order was never fulfilled and "slipped through the cracks".
    If an order slips through the cracks at fault of the shipper.......there would be NO tracking number associated with your mailing address no matter how many days pass by, because one was never created. The shippers can determine that easily (instantly), I'd imagine.
    It seems like the rules were written prior to the advent of Informed Delivery to prevent impaitent customers from emailing Medboy on a daily basis asking for a tracking number. Informed delivery is not required to track a package. You can do a search on the USPS website or via phone as long as you have the tracking number.
    All informed delivery is good for is obtaining the tracking number without having to contact Medboy. With that being said, at least Informed delivery let's you know that your order has been officially acknowledged by the shipper and didn't slip through the cracks.

  • Mine was from MedMama.

  • I've haven't seen 1 shipping complaint leveled against Loud&co.
    It's like MedMama has been having troubles for the last three months.
    I'm starting to think that there may be a Slugworth helping themselves to the everlasting gob-stoppers at Mama's Chocolate factory.
    I fuckin hope not.

  • Mine was loud and med mama. not even a label created. Bought on 1/7, I've tried contacting them through email twice, once on the contact page, once through here. I'm not getting a response from anyone. I'm not looking for immediate response but this is way out there. I see other responses but not to mine. I don't know what to do at this point.

  • Damn nousername that sux....Informed delivery just updated and my Loud&co order is set for Thursday delivery.
    Did you check your spam . Medboy's emails always end up in my spam folder
    even though I've designated them as Not Spam.

  • Med mama for me I have rec’d 2 l&c since then

  • Nothing in spam. Nothing for loud or med mama. I'm tired. I've followed the rules.

  • Not to brag.. but I got my shipment in from Med mama about to open er up!

  • Medmama ordered 3 pm Saturday, Jan 25th labeled Jan 27 on-time delivery by 8 pm Jan 29th in NC!!!

  • A question about informed Delivery? I live in apartments so I guess they not offering me that option.
    Can I just call them and tell them I have a package coming and they will just give me the tracking number ?
    I just want to know how this works

  • @Fastguy199 how long did you wait in total for your order ? I’m glad it came for you

  • Importhighcoco,
    The only people authorized to release a tracking number is the shipper. After all............I could call the post office and give them your address and apt. number and say "I have a package coming". Do you think they should release the tracking number to me? They will tell you to contact the shipper, the shipper created the tracking number .
    The rules state, in a nutshell, to not contact Medboy and hassle him for your tracking number. He recommends signing up for Informed Delivery, if you qualify for it, because we aren't supposed to contact the MedPeople for a lousy tracking number. They would be inundated by emails axing "where's muh shit, yo"?? Medicineman don't play dat. You have to put trust in the force.
    Sometimes an order or 2 gets overlooked or takes the scenic route to get to you. If you can, ....don't put all your eggs in one uterus. Gnomesayin?

  • 9 days.... I opened my mouth and forgot that last Monday was MLK day... mail doesn’t run on Ntl. Holidays. So completely my fault!

  • Still nothing and no response from @medmama or @medboy in email, this forum, or the contact page.

  • I think mb is working his way around I just got an email re my missing order.

  • @nousername if you haven't gotten any response from me, it's because I haven't received the email. Our tech troubles were affecting email for a while so will you please try the contact form again?

  • Three days from Med Mama. Four days from Loud. I welcome more menu options, but the slow pace of things seems to be good for me at the moment. Hope others get to feeling the same.

  • Hi medboy..I have sent you a couple emails and the contact form twice ..I am still waiting on the order from 1/12 ..I got no tracking or info..I hope you all fix me up.... because,I have been super patience!

  • I received one package but nothing else. Still waiting from 1/7. Informed delivery shows a label being made but no shipment.

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