Anyone providing updates on shipping?

I placed an order on 1/7. Payment went through 1/10. Medboy confirmed 1/12. Still nothing in informed delivery. No response from any venue - I've tried the contact form on the website (once), email medboy (twice), entered multiple discussions here (four). Today is 1/28. I think that's more than adequate time to take in account any site crashes/email crashes, as I see many have received orders placed well after mine. Not looking to complain but I think I'm getting lost in the cracks. Any advice?


  • I am still waiting on resolution for order placed 1/4

  • Email is working now. Please try the contact form again.

  • I received your email confirming I was lost in the cracks. I received a partial order. I see informed delivery has a label created but it's not moving. That's more than I saw before so thanks. I wonder if it's easier and safer if I do small orders instead of large ones.

  • Just an update I got a re ship # but still no delivery. 1-4 order
    Starting to run low and can’t place another order 2 zips in the wind.
    This really sucks.

  • And on the fifth day, it was received. (Times two!)
    Ordered 1-30, Received 2-5 (MM and Loud)

  • I finally got my order today placed on January 7. Usually there’s a little something extra. Not only did it take way longer than normal, but it looks like a little short. Not a lot but a little skimpy.

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