To any skeptics...

...who may doubt the credibility of the products or services Medicineman provides, don't.

Long story short; do it without fear of getting ripped off, and look for your package to arrive in the mail with the enthusiasm you once had for Christmas morning.

I was extremely skeptical (and butt-hurt), after getting taken by the 420mailorder asshat for a little under $300. Yes, I am completely ashamed to admit that. But to my defense, I was in a hurry and "my guy" went MIA without any notice, per the norm.

Being too distant from anyone I'd care to ask for a new lead, I decided to hit up Google. After clicking around a bit, I found some pretty green nuggs, bought some bitcoin and then threw it to the wind. Oops.

Fortunately, that experience led me to Medman. I placed my order on Jan 4 for their small free trial, then in 9 long days I found a nice little care package in my mailbox. When I opened it it, I felt dumb for waiting so long for such a tiny little nugglet and a couple gummys.

I thought, why didn't I just buy a full order?! The little extras were a really nice touch, but I just teased myself! My second batch, ordered Jan 14, arrived on Jan 22, which was way quicker than I had anticipated. Success!

I would have posted this sooner, but... Anyway, I'm going to bullet this out for you:

**1. **What I received looked exactly like what was pictured on the website.

**2. **One oz paid for, as advertised, was 1 oz delivered to my door.

**3. **While opening it, I couldn't smell a thing until I got to the second to the last bag.

**4. **When I did open it, it smelled 'Tony the Tiger' grrreat, and was nothing but little nuggets of goodness.

**5. **There was no shake at all.

**6. **It was labeled with the name of the batch I ordered, which was a good thing since I had forgotten what I had ordered. (The confirmation emails you receive don't have any product details on them, which is a good thing.)

Soon I'll place my 3rd order; presumably consisting of an apposing, yet complimentary strain. Ha!

I am a married, mid-40's Texan with kids and a job, and I endorse this product.


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