I’m new to this website, and was wondering how I order the sample gram, as I don’t see it on the order page.


  • edited February 2020

    It's under Medmama's strains section of the order page.

    Sorry, just checked and it's not there... Medboy will get it back up soon probably an error because of the issues with the order form.

  • Thanks, I really hope it comes back soon, I’m eager to try this place out

  • We hope to have it back soon, sorry! Our tech dude has been doing monumental work on the site.

  • Ok, I sent you a manual order through the contact page.

  • Is the contact form working I have reached out 2x and no response

  • Not for me, I’ve tried to reach out on three different occasions and... nothing!

  • I also have reached out to you on the contact page and no response ?

  • hello, I have reached out 2 times with no response. Please help!

  • A whole Mack truck of emails from the contact form suddenly appeared in my inbox today, after two weeks of invisibility. I have no idea why, but I have just finished responding to all of them. So I hope that everyone here has finally received a response.

  • Yes ! Thank you !

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