concentrates vs flower

Every now and then I attempt to switch to concentrates to save money but always go back to flower. Lately dab rips get me really ripped quick but then a noticeable comedown not that long after. Not until I rolled some shatter up with whats left of my flower and slow burned it did I really feel a lasting medicated happy feeling. Playing around with lower temp dabs to try to vary effect. Any thoughts on this? Is the power really in the flower and concentrates are more recreational or an effective add on to flower for functional medicine? Also I think smoking causes me to stop and relax more as I have to find a time and place to stink that much so that might be part of the perceived experience. Thinking a cone with a piece of shatter about halfway in will be the next experiment.


  • My opinion is, concentrates don't do it...

    If people were meant to smoke concentrates it would grow that way on the tree.

    Beer vs. Liquor... I'm a beer man.

  • I have noticed very similar results with concentrates. They just don't "do it" for me like flower. It's almost as if something missing from the buzz but I can't figure out what (guessing terps and cannabinoids)
    Vapes are even worse for this "almost a good buzz but not quite there" feeling.
    I still buy and smoke concentrates...but rarely by themselves. Usually use them as a kicker with flower...the added punch can really help with my insomnia and appetite. I have also noticed that concentrates help stimulate my appetite more than flower if I use before eating.

  • I completely agree. Flower is power but vapes/concentrates do help my appetite and are air travel friendly. No where near the lasting buzz of flower but has made business travel much more tolerable. Always happy to come home to flower but will continue to purchase vapes/concentrates for discrete medication.

  • If you're trying to save money, flower is the best bet. It lasts the longest and you don't just keep smoking too much if you're already high enough like you do with concentrates and vapes.

  • thanks for the feedback, its all kinda making sensemiila now

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