Hey all. We are STILL having technical issues with our ordering system. :-(

Because of this we are going to rewrite our whole order page. This will require us to be taking manual orders for a week or so. Expect that to be online soon so if you haven't been able to order you will be able to soon! Sorry for any inconveniences.


  • We're holding off a bit on implementing a whole manual order system but if you can't get the order form to work by all means write to us via the contact page with you order info and we'll process it manually.

  • Thanx your the BEST!

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    Can't get the order form to load. I've sent two manual orders using the contact form (one Monday, one Tuesday). No reply yet. Problems with the contact form too?
    Tom Mesa,Az

  • Clear history, cookies, and cache... rry again un Chrome.

    Go to the library and try a fresh computer.

    Tablet? Laptop? Mobile?

    Android? iOs?

    Landline? 4gOr 4lte?

    You figure it out... they got tech issues. B patient.

  • try other browsers. You’re bound to find one that works.

  • Worked on my old zte blade3

  • My apologies for the previous comment. And my cell phone ignorance. I've been using up a lot of data lately and in an attempt to save data I clicked on the "data saver" option. Apparently it interfered with the complete loading of the order page. Turned it off and all's well. Feeling pretty stupid about now. Lol

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    @JaymeeG..Actually your discovery of the solution to your problem may have actually been an avenue of "HELP" for some of our other friends here that have been having issues with loading the order form. Never feel stupid when you could possibly have helped a lot of our mutual friends here and I personally applaud that!!

  • Turns out, there were major problems with the contact form too! D'oh! About 200 emails sent to me through the contact form over the past two weeks just suddenly appeared in my inbox. So I'm very sorry for these continuing issues but at least we're making slow progress.

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