Why are cannabis dealers better at customer service than banks?

I write this as I receive a "lost" package from a vendor...payment was lost for a week, all hope lost...then BAM! Saturday morning it arrives.

I've written about experiences at MM, too, and they have been consistently better than banks, certainly, but other mainstream businesses. It's a real head-scratcher because these are people seeming acting in the interests of doing the "correct" thing. Only other place I see that is AA meetings...

Head-scratcher, I say.


  • No doubt! I have had the same experience. I forgot my apartment number, and they resent the package.

    The customer service is superb!

  • 💯 percent this outfit is the best hands DOWN

  • What can I say? We love to do good and make money at the same time. :)

  • I applaud that. Making money and serving one's spiritual purpose. What better way to live!

  • “We love to do good and make money at the same time.” That’s why I’ll be a customer for life, and tell anyone I trust about your site. You rock!!

  • I agree 100% with all the above,
    Very satisfied customer for nearly 6 years!

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