Jack Herer

This is the second time I've received Jack Herer as a substitute, this time I received it as a sub for Master Goji. I was disappointed by this and kind of forgot about it; however, my Loud & Co. order was delayed in Transit (Alert! It's in RED in ID! End Days Are Near! Flee the country with or without your wives and children!). So today is the day.

The buds are long-haired hippie-type buds, light and free, free like the wind. Makes you feel like you got a half ounce but you really only got a quarter. Great conservation of mass activity for the kids. What does seven grams look like? If your strain is Ogre, it looks like an eighth. With Jack Herer it looks like you get an extra couple grams. Enough of me being Mr. Smarty Pants Quantitative Hat, how does it smoke?

Note the aroma: It's sweet. As we learned in a previous review, I cannot recall my source, the dominant terpenes seem to have a combined effect of producing the most delicious cat pee smell. But sweet. A hint of ammonia. Inside my house, no mammal will pee other than me (and of course the other human mammals). If I DID have a cat, I would genetically modify it to produce such a smell.

Two hits in and I am sufficiently stoned to remember that yesterday began with nausea, and today, and probably tomorrow. This could be extremely terrifying; however, I know now that I am not alone in the universe. Like the spirit of the Real Jack Herer, my spirit can never die.

The End


  • Didn't mean to let my review get lachrymal there at the end. Wish there was an edit button. Feeling good right now. Thanks Jack! Thanks MB and the rest of the MMers!

  • The end of your post was my favorite part. Then again...I am a bit morbid. 😅
    I think our spirit does live forever, just changing forms. Sending good vibes your way George.
    I hope you start to feel better soon and that they get more RSO in stock.
    I was so happy to learn about the cat piss smelling terpene when I found this site because I thought I had gotten weed a cat must have pissed on! I thought, "thank god I wasn't smoking cat piss.
    The worst part of that is...it never stopped me from smoking it.

  • Yeah you're right Crazystonernurse!

    It's a good thing, cat piss, let's roll with it. Speaking of which, let's have some music please.

    The one to play is the old Sam Cooke song, "Good Times" (but if you can only put hands on the Aretha version, DO IT...DO IT NOW!!!).

    So, yeah, Jack Herer, man...

    And a good blues shuffle...

  • Loving your posts George! Gotta have a sense of humor these days. I’ve received a few JH samples, which were great, but never pushed me towards ordering. What I’ve started doing is what Medboy recommends stating “no substitutes” in order comment box. If they do not have it in stock then you get the opportunity to pick something else via email correspondence I imagine. Btw did you see all of the new outdoor strains Loud posted yesterday?

  • The new outdoor strains are like a revelation from another planet! Will have to wait on those and hope they last...

  • That was me with the catpiss review. Glad someone else said it too. Some thought me crazy lol. Tried to look into my history. But review and all posts from it are gone.

  • Sorry was impaired lol. It was the yeager that had the catty terps

  • There is only one strain that I've ever had trouble finishing because of how awful it smelled. Tangie. It was more like a cat shit smell.

  • That must have been a bad batch..The Tangie I picked up last year looked like the Outdoor Agent Orange pic on here now and smelt like fresh Oranges..it was fire..honestly hoping to see some show up on MM.

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