L@@k at all the new outdoor strains! Woohoo!

Holy cow! Look at all the new outdoor strains!

I wish I hadn't ordered last week.

I hope these are from the same grower whom grew the Jaeger... because, as the children say, 'dat stuff da bomb.'

Way to go Loud!... still wanna know where the tins are?


  • I was so happy for the outdoor. So glad i waited 2 days to order. Got a zip split between the willies wonder and the durban skunk. Really debated some more yeager. But love trying new strains. Plus the descriptions spoke to me on those 2

  • @SpongePail please review the Willy's Wonder for me when you get it.

  • edited February 2020

    Ordered Durban skunk too can’t wait to try it!

  • Six and jack. I will review both when they arrive

  • @SpongePail I ordered the exact same 2!! Lol

  • Looking at Willy's Wonder, GC, Lemon Haze...so many wonderful options.

    The Jager is splendid. Purple Urkle, too.

    And then the new indoor strains and premium stuff are nice, too. I'm going with outdoor, though. Quality is often better than indoor. See Jager/Purple Urkle. I would have assumed those products were indoor or premium.

  • I ordered a half oz of the GC yesterday. Now that I can actually smoke sativas without having a panic attack (thanks zoloft), I'm super excited to try it out!

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