Contact form

Mb I have emailed you 2x this week and no response
Is the contact form working??


  • I also emailed & never got a response.

  • Medboy medman tend to answer on saturdays in my experience

  • Contacted you twice the last 2 weeks and have patiently waited for a response that has never come. First time I've experienced this.

  • Still no contact have they stopped monitoring the forum.
    Must be some serious tech issues

  • My advice is to go easy on what you have and not order anything else until the site is up and working Nml . Haven't saw any comments from mb in a while unk what's going on

  • Serious tech issues is right. About 200 emails from the contact form suddenly appeared in my inbox today, after being invisible for 2 weeks. I don't know why this is, I just appreciate everyone's patience while we work through this!

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