My advice is to go easy on what you have and not order anything else until the site is up and working Nml . Haven't saw any comments from mb in a while unk what's going on . Problems are useley resolved in a week worst case. So am going to lay back awhile and see what happens


  • Thanks for your patience, Winston. In truth, these past two months have been a nightmare from a technical perspective. At least I can report that we're making progress...

  • Winston I did that and now it seems Loud is losing stuff too. May have to find another solution.

  • L&C has been solid for me this year 6-7 orders just received the Willy wonder and Durban and expecting purple diesel and big bud before end of week (knock on wood) it is tracking on USPS will keep posted
    I have not got anything from MM since holiday sale

  • I ordered from Loud last Friday and no shipping label created yet . I never had any issues with ID so it most likely hasn’t shipped .Paid immediately and got confirmation in an hour

  • Ordered from both Loud and MM on Monday. Tracking indicates it's well on its way.

  • Another order received from loud
    Ordered on 2/23 received today
    Tracked via USPS to the letter
    Purple diesel and jaeger I though I ordered big bud guess not.

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