Something wrong

Something is definitely wrong no contact no product 17 days not answering contact forms . Site I hope is not on the way down


  • @Winston don’t talk like this man! It’s not good to keep thinking negative! Think positive! I made an order like Friday last week and it has made progress on usps.. which never works for me. So that’s saying a lot.

  • Yes i have had two orders one this week and one last week that didnt track but showed up in less than a week

  • I think so as well ? ordered 2/2/20 stiil nothing ? 13 business days now ?No informed mail ? No response from the contact page ? Just left hanging ? Wow it's a 1st tho ?

  • Next shipment should show up today no tracking as of today but the last two did not track

  • @cmweems1964 when did you order it?

  • Ordered 2/15 from loud and will be here today. Informed delivery didn’t update till today...

  • I ordered on 2/16, let’s hope it comes soon!

  • I have faith in this website. They have never let me down. I don’t know what I would do without it!

  • Me either never a problem since 2013

  • I orderd 2/13 and got mine today on the east coast

  • I ordered 2/3/20 lol ! and still nothing from contact page or a simple email to let me know enythg ? Be nice !

  • This Forum doesn't solve problems for people. The recourse is through the Contact Form.

    No animosity here, just repeating what it said after I said mean things to someone and was asked/required to re-read the policies.

    I had a significant problem with an order, around the holiday break. They fixed it. But all corrective actions stemmed from polite and insistent inquiries made through the Contact Form.

    To those who are in pain, I believe you will get your orders. Be persistent and kind and it will happen.

  • I appreciate everyone's faith, but ultimately @Winston is right. These past two months have been a technical nightmare. But now we're finally making progress...

  • Your welcome MB ! Thank You !

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