Sent email before ordering because I was concerned

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I was concerned about all the complaints I was reading and wasn’t going to order even though I’ve been a 5 year customer. I sent an email to be reassured and was told how solid Loud has been and that it was fine to order . Ordered last Friday and no shipping label created yet and I have NEVER had anything show up without ID notice so I’m pretty sure it hasn’t shipped and like always I was told don’t trust ID not oh I’ll look into it . Not very solid at all.


  • FYI, ID hasn't worked at all for my last 4 straight orders from L&C, but all arrived in 4-5 business days, including my last order that arrived Monday (ordered last Wednesday).

  • Me tooo did not track not one of my last 4 orders either

  • ID always works for me ?? So I’ve come to trust it and do far it’s been spot on that’s why I’m wondering wassup

  • Informed delivery has ALWAYS been 100% accurate for me.
    I take that back........Informed delivery has ALWAYS been wrong about ETA, my package ALWAYS arrives 1 day earlier than the original ETA. The 2 times I placed an order and never got an ID because my order "slipped through the cracks ", during " a perfect storm " of technical difficulties.
    Yes......I've ALWAYS followed the
    "2 week" rule, which is way too long to have to wait before rendering a "where's muh shit" email.

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    Yup with me it’s no ID no package. That’s for every package from everywhere so when MB tells me don’t trust ID it’s like he’s telling me it will be delivered magically by a leprechaun riding a unicorn.

  • Same here USPS id always works that’s how I know if a package just stops moving or has the same status for 2 or more days I am not getting it.
    I don’t mind the 2 week wait it’s the addition 2-3 weeks you have to wait on top of that. And for me now almost 2 months trying to resolve missing order.
    I continue to order showing good faith but it gets really frustrating. Now I am not receiving emails so I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe they are still working things out.
    Hey mb reach out

  • They won't do do squat until 2 weeks so in the meantime I'll keep a look out for the Unicorn

  • Today actually marks my 2 week threshold! Still nothing in ID or my mailbox! I sent mb an email so hopefully he will take care of this situation! But I’m definitely not ordering anything else until something happens with this order! Good luck to all you guys who are waiting!

  • I don’t think anyone has been waiting as long as me for a missing order. But I continue to order because the one thing I can say is no matter how long it takes they always have made things right.

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